Friday baby!

It’s Friiiidaaaaay!

Finally, hurray! Though, actually, to be completely honest, this week must have been one of the most chill weeks since I started my year at Vlerick way back in September. Seriously, half days, a group project meeting of an hour and a half?! So many free drinks by Coca-Cola for working on their case? Talk about “awesome”!

But still, it’s nice to know it’s Friday. It could have been sunnier – the few hours that the sun really shone, we were indoors, listening to presentations with the blinds completely shut; talk about irony – but it was still a great day. I got a lot done: applied for a job at Henkel, I cleaned my place, I showered… I even went for a run! The second time this week already! Ha! Now, I didn’t take a picture in my running outfit – it’s a sight people shouldn’t be exposed to, let’s put it that way – but I did want to show off my shoes. Because… They’re “showy”. I bought them a little over a year ago, because I simply love Nike running shoes and these had that “spring” in them, you know what I mean? You jump up and it seems to go ever so smoothly because of the awesomeness of the shoe. That’s Nike for ya baby. And my shoes also help me be visible when it’s dark out. See for yourself:

Running - copy


Like I said: “showy”. Well, mostly “flashy”. But most importantly: I’m ridiculously proud of myself for going for a run again this week. For all the amazing classes I’ve been able to attend these past few months, and all the cool people that I’m lucky enough to meet… I sure have been sitting on my ass a lot. And sitting. And sitting some more… (harr-harr)

Did you know that my nickname is panda at school? It’s got nothing to do with me being Asian or anything, or fat – thank God :’) I just love pandas – I’ll introduce Paco, my panda bear, soon enough – but if I’m not careful, I could be turning into one actually. Because what do pandas actually DO? Besides not copulating – and therefore being almost extinct – and eating shitloads of bamboo? Right you are sir, they sit on their ass. A LOT. And that might have something to do with their… How shall I put this nicely… Circumference. Yes, that’s the right word. So since I started Vlerick, it’s been very hard to find time to go get some exercise. And yeah, it does have some consequences.

But thankfully, the sun has been coming out this week and what with these half days I’ve been having: renewed motivation has shown its friendly face! Talking about friendly faces, this next picture is mine, all ready to go out for some drinks with some of my M3 buddies tonight.
Weekend darling, weekend is that time when everything becomes possible and friends are nothing short of priceless.

Ready for tonight - copy


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