I apply, you apply, we are all applying (ourselves)

Do you know what one of the added benefits of growing up is? Besides being able to make your own decisions, having a valid vote & basically running around doing whatever you feel like? And don’t forget the part where you can go to bed at 4 in the morning and no one will give you crap about it. I mean, really, growing up… #JustBeautiful #SoAwesome
But I’m digressing… The added benefit I want to talk about today: applying for jobs! Ha!

Yes. “Ha!”… In the most ironic tone I can possibly muster. Never mind the time you put in the never-ending stream of cover letters and online assessments, but just the idea of putting yourself out there and getting rejected. Again. And again. And again… Not all that appealing. I mean, if I felt like getting rejected, I’d try the dating scene y’know? I know we’re on the topic of applying for jobs, but, if you think about it: is there anything more humiliating than going on a date with a basic stranger you don’t know from Adam? Dating is an extremely weird process, which is really not integrated well in Belgian culture. I just can’t remain serious when I’m on a date, because you both know that you really don’t know the other person and all you can think of is “Are we going to kiss tonight or not?”, which makes me ridiculously nervous and generally makes me want to start laughing, because I can’t take the pressure of such an absurd comedy. It’s like Waiting For Godot all over again, recapped in an insanely long sentence. But yeah, I digress.

What I wanted to say, is this: I am applying for jobs! And so are all my class mates who don’t have a job yet either – some of them already have one, which is so cool! But for those of us who don’t… Together we are applying. And applying some more. You would think it’s a competition, but actually, whenever someone gets a job, all we can do is be unbelievably proud. Which is, I think, the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. Yes, we’re all a bunch of ambitious people with dreams reaching as high as the sky – or even Mars, haha Henkel fun! – but we also believe in each other. We root for one another. And it’s a wonderful experience. It makes the whole applying process so much easier to tolerate, even if it’s still a lot of work and creates a lot of uncertainty.

But besides applying for jobs, we’re also applying ourselves. Today I updated my LinkedIn profile somewhat and I was astounded by the amount of projects I’ve worked on this year. And the year isn’t even over yet. Right now a couple of us – those working in the Digital Marketing & Branding Strategy Bootcamp – are working on a case for Coca-Cola. Besides learning all about teens & students segments, I’ve also learned what “a perfect serve” is. Mind you, it’s not being able to hurl your yellowish ball over the net, while screaming like Maria Sharapova & scoring an ace, though that is one interpretation. “A perfect serve” for Coca-Cola means that you have your perfectly chilled coke, poured in a uniquely designed coca-cola glass.

Do take a look:



I feel like I have really applied myself in creating this amazing Coke.
It was tasty, fyi.


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