Subtropic paradise

I like heat. No, wait, sorry… That’s inaccurate. Better to say… I LOVE HEAT!

For some reason, and I don’t know why, but my own body temperature is somewhat lower than that from other people. Instead of a nice and toasty 37°C, I’m stuck somewhere between 35°C and 36°C. Now, I don’t want you to use this as an excuse to call me cold, puh-lease, that would be too easy anyways; an insult to your intelligence even – which is to say “don’t go there, don’t even think it, for I will find out and hunt you down”. But what it does mean, is that my body gets pretty cold pretty quickly. Especially when I don’t work up a natural sweat, then it’s just horrible. Shower days are the worst: streams of hot pouring water just artificially heating up my body, only to have it cool off into the arctic zones just 15 minutes later. Again: I have no idea why this is, maybe I’m an enigma, but it just is.

However… There is a clear and simple solution to this little problem of mine. It goes by the name of “central heating”. And “candles”. Preferably scented ones. In fact, I have somewhat of a ritual going on in that department…

1. I go for a run!
2. I hop in the shower.
3. I turn up the heat to a ludicrous maximum.
4. I light my spring-scented candles.
5. I crawl into my satin sheets bed and hole up there, encapsulating myself with the heat.

And then…. The subtropic bonanza begins. My hair will smell all shampoo-y. (pretty sure that’s not a word, shampoo-y, but alrighty then) My legs will be all soft and smell like mango – some kind of cream from Body Shop does that for me, such a kick! And my room will smell like heavenly spring. Oh, and I’m so incredibly warm! Warm, I tell ya!!! Not cold. Not at all shivery down my spine. No cold hands or feet or nose… No, none of that. Just me and the heat. And it’s f#cking awesome.

So yes, I’m probably a quirk of nature – though I do not believe myself to be alone in my low-body-temperature-&-constantly-in-need-of-heat-seeking ways – but hey: I could choose to bitch about it. Or I could throw myself a woe-is-me pity party. Ooooor… I could revel in my subtropic paradise that I have created in my room. Today I truly understand the phrase “My kingdom is my castle”. So please, trust me when I tell you…
My castle ain’t big, but it sure is freakin’ amazing.

Thank you and goodnight.

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