Sleepless desires

I’m tired. I’m so, ridiculously, tired. All I want is to take a nap? And maybe, take a nap that will take up so many hours, so as to not just reduce the dark circles underneath my eyes, but actually take them away completely.

BUT NOOOOO. Probably won’t happen. Tomorrow we’re going on a company visit to Boondoggle in Leuven – awesomecakes cool, have to give it that yes – but we’re leaving on a bus at 7.15 am. Let me repeat that, so it really sticks into the back of your head like a damn mosquito in summer you can’t swat away: a quarter after seven in the freakin’ morning! Oh Lord, have mercy on my soul.

I was too tired this morning, I didn’t even make it to the shower. Instead, I took 40 extra minutes in bed. Blissful minutes fo’ sho’, but now I’m wishing I’d have washed my hair of course. Dry shampoo just doesn’t have the same effect. And when it comes to my hair, I really AM a total girl. See, it’s long. And it’s pretty blond. And it’s deliciously thick. So if there’s one attribute that I appreciate, truly, from the bottom of my heart, it’s going to be my hair. Which is why I love taking care of it. But now, sleepiness has taken over and left me with merely the desire to sleep some more; nice-smelling hair be damned!

However… There are some good reasons for the sleepiness. Well, somewhat good reasons. To be honest, not all classes of the digital marketing bootcamp are equally interesting. When it comes to big data, I don’t know what happens, but my brain turns into a buzzing bee, looking at all the flowers outside and starts zzzz-ing out. I know big data’s important, you can do so much with it. But I don’t see myself totally invested in the subject. Hopefully that will change in the future, but it’s not exactly a very interactive subject and there’s only a certain amount of time my brain will maintain perfect attention. And those classes also still require you to get up on time and be present. Sadly. Ever so slightly. But whatever. That’s not the only reason for sleepiness. Because besides having to get up early tomorrow, yesterday my alarm also went off around 6.30am. Again: WHY GOD WHY? But I can raise my hands up to the sky as much as I want, with as much drama as I can muster… The alarm will still ring religiously.

By the way – and I know I will seemingly jump out at you out of nowhere, but there’s a connection, please just bear with me – did you know you get a pretty nice meal when taking a plane with Brussels Airlines to Moscow? Of course, it won’t happen to you in economy, but dayum… That was a lot of good food. Especially the dessert! That really took the cake – which sounds like the dessert was a cake, which would be funny, but it was some other  kind of yumminess I don’t know exactly how to describe. Anyways, how do I know this? Well, waking up early yesterday was essential to make it at Brussels Airlines, where we had another company visit (see, told you to bear with me!). And something else I know: Brussels Airlines’ CEO is super nice! Like, really, not at all you’d expect. Funny jokes, nice metaphors and all in all a humble man with a big strategy. I for one thought it was infinitely cool. Maybe not as cool as the little Belgian flag stuck in the little cheese in the extra little dish during the fancy lunch at the company…. But a close second. Very close ;-)

To conclude this little foray into my head today, I just want to say happy birthday to panda. Celebrating a birthday is super important – and should happen according to the bday person’s wishes, not your own, as they might not coincide – so I’m going to do my best to make that happen! And we all know… Pandas do it better.

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