23 & going on… What?

Wow. Just… Wow. My best friend just told me she’s going to be moving in with her boyfriend next year. They’ll have their own apartment (read: love nest) and basically a whole new life to look forward to. It’s amazing and I cannot tell you how unbelievably happy I am for her. If there’s one person I totally love seeing so blissful, it’s her for sure! :-)

And oh yeah, I’m 23, currently still without a job – okay, technically I also haven’t graduated yet, but yeah whatever – and going absolutely nowhere. Helloooo inadequacy!

This is just crazy. I’m starting to enter that “zone” where your not just your friends, but your close friends are starting to GET A LIFE. And yes, that is a wonderful and totally normal thing to happen. But – and I’m speaking for all people who are in the exact same position as I am – it’s also extremely and excruciatingly frustrating. Because guess what? We would love to be normal! All of us would love to start that life, like our friends are doing. And it’s got nothing to do with jealousy or anything like that – to be honest, I’m nowhere near ready to move in with anyone – but I’m just having one of those moments where I look up towards the sky and wonder “Hey, are you forgetting someone?”.

Those friends of mine with cool job opportunities and amazing relationships and generally just lives that seem to be the ultimate point of happiness… They deserve it. Because everyone deserves happiness. And everyone has to grow up and start dealing with these things. But yeah, I feel left behind sometimes. Which is weird for me, because I’ve always been a front runner.

However… On the other hand… I just look upon this as an opportunity. Because yeah, I have always been a front runner. The first of my friends to get entangled in serious romantic relationships. The first to make a pretty daring move education/career-wise. The first to move to a new city. The first in several areas basically. And it was always a little weird, because I felt like none of my friends were in that same position and while they did give me solid advice, it was just not the same. I often felt uncomfortable. And now… Well… I may still have no clue what the future holds – which is, granted, a little scary – but I’m not worried about it. Or, not too much anyways.

I’m applying for jobs. Hanging out with my friends. And I can go anywhere after I graduate, because there’s no one in particular that’s got me tied down. Which is actually a good feeling, as it gives me the freedom to make any decision I want. And to be honest, I’m soooo not ready to think of someone else’s needs right now. I’m 23 dude, I just want to live my life, thanks. So my best friend moving in with her boyfriend: I’m excited for her. And I wish her the very best. I know we’re never going to lose touch, we’ve been through way too much for that.

So maybe… Maybe I’m not really looking up towards the heavens, wondering why I’m not getting the same things. I’m sure I will one day. But I wouldn’t know what to do with it right now. And I, for one, cannot wait to see what the future holds. Because for me, everything’s still out in the open. Nothing’s been decided. And while that would have freaked me out in the past, it’s pretty damn awesome right now.

So… Goodbyyeee inadequacy. Helloooo opportunity!


And as for those opportunities… This is how I’m trying to find some:


True love: TV + L

Let me start off by saying that when I say “TV”, I don’t mean the actual TV screen, okay? A TV screen is simply a piece of machinery. It is not the godly thing we call TV. As for why I think it requires godly status, let’s take a look.

First of all, my pretty extensive knowledge of English – American accent included – does not come from my years at college. That is the official answer at job interviews of course, but it kinda skirts the truth a little bit. Because… I just watched a lot of TV as a kid. And boy that helped! So if/when you have children for yourself: watching TV does not make them stupid – not intentionally anyways – but it could possibly help them in their future development. As long as you stay away from the likes of VTM. Don’t go to VTM. Don’t ever go there. Not even for the Disney movies, for they will be dubbed. Damn VTM. Really just the worst. Your kids are better off never even touching a TV if you want to just hand them over to VTM. Just… No. Throw ’em outside and lock the door. Playing outside is beneficial for miniature people too. (Miniature people = kids)

Secondly, I love TV because of everything you can experience because of it. Not just fun and laughter, but pity, compassion, anger, joy… And, yeah, it’s also a lot of fun, that’s true. But mostly I just really love TV, because there’s nothing like a good fiction story – keep reality-tv awaaaay from me! – that will completely make you forget where you are or even what your name is… There’s only one thing that matters: the story playing on your screen. The characters making you empathize with them. It’s absolutely the best.

Right now I’m watching Suits. It’s not the most amazing show I’ve ever seen, but it sure is good. The characters are fun. And with that I mean “hot”, but I’m sure you understood my meaning. However, it’s not Patrick J Adams that keeps me coming back. Nor is it Gabriel Macht who’s got me all in a tizzy.
Though I am admitting to you all, right here, right now, that I cannot get enough of that man in a SUIT. It looks divine. There’s nothing better than a man, cleanly shaven, in the world’s most power-hungry, irresistible suit. Just… DAMN.

But no, the man who’s got me hooked like a kid loves cake is Rick Hoffman. Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you: Louis Litt!


Right. Louis. Of all characters on the show, it’s crazy-ass creepy Louis Litt! Louis Litt who’ll show you his muddy butt after his mud bath, simply for the purpose of making sure you will never eat again. Why? Because… Dude is the very embodiment of an awesome character. Not only is it impossible to like him since he’s being a dick half the time, but you cannot do anything but love him. He will frustrate you to no end, he will disappoint you, he will take your feelings and drag them across a muddy cobble-stoned street… And then, he will look all puppy-eyed and hurt, because actions have consequences and there is nothing more painful than Louis being sad. It’s just the best. He’s just the best.

So, just to be clear. I am a proud member of Team Litt. And if you disagree with that statement in any way… Be prepared. Because you ’bout to be Litt up!