The end of an era

It’s over. It’s really over. After years and years and years of sitting on benches in classrooms, which later became large lecture halls, and studying god-knows-what… It’s over. I have finished my final masters year and said goodbye to the wonderful story that is Vlerick Business School. And, while I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time, now that it’s here… Wow. It ain’t easy.

People often say that every door closing means that another one is opening. And that’s true, for sure. In about a month I’m starting my first real job and I’m – still – over the moon excited about it. But even though a new thrilling beginning is right around the corner, that doesn’t mean that the ending of the previous chapter isn’t difficult. Because you can trust me when I say: it is hard. Over the past year I’ve made lots of new friends, many of which I will miss so much when I kind of emigrate the hell out of here, y’know? After so much time together, now I’m just supposed to leave them? What seemed like a golden opportunity just a few months ago, now feels like a great loss in the making.

I guess my year at Vlerick just changed me in a way I never thought possible. And now that I’ve graduated, it’s slowly starting to sink in that I can’t go back. I can’t turn the clock back a year and be that eager student again. My student days are over. The book is closed, the movie credits are rolling. And besides me missing my friends, the end of my student days is a crazy-hazy feeling, kawauwza. I mean… I will be… w-o-r-k-i-n-g. Working. For a living. And it’s not a practical joke. It’s not temporary. It’s real. And it’s happening. SOON.

I feel like adulthood is totally ambushing me actually. All this time I thought I was growing up and becoming an adult, but puh-lease. Every weekend I go home so my parents can do my laundry & ironing. I don’t cook – not so much because I can’t, but because I just won’t.  I have no driver’s license to speak of – a matter that was again painfully obvious after spending about an hour on my bike in the pouring rain today. After a long shower my clothes are still hanging in the bathroom, trying desperately to dry. And let’s not even mention my absolutely soaked shoes. Ahem, yeah, soooo not an adult yet. 

But in about a month, adulthood will be like Sylvester Stallone in the jungle with some type of bandana around his head and a big scary rifle in his hands: all of a sudden, I’ll be trapped in this dangerous foreign country and Rambo will force me to kill or something. After I make the shot, he’ll just wipe the blood off my cheek and tell me not to hesitate next time. Rambo is like… Scary or something. And definitely a movie I should re-watch: there’s something epic about his mouth and the way it curls whenever he tries to smile. I say “try”, because let’s be honest: dude just can’t.

Anyways, Rambo aside, adulthood’s coming, whether I’m ready for it or not. And it’ll pack a punch for sure. I’m already putting some extra ice in the freezer to soften the blow. But one thing I do have, which will strengthen my resolve in pursuing my dreams. And that’s a whole lotta friends. Friends who’ll be in the same situation. Friends who know me well and who’ll be cheering me on, whether it be in person, or via Skype. Friends who I can depend on and who – though they’ll be far away – I will never forget.

Call me sentimental, but there’s no power greater than that.
Thanks for an awesome time, you guys.

I'm ready for a new chapter. Are you?
I’m ready for a new chapter. Are you?