The end of the line

When I first got word of the supply project lasting 10 weeks, I thought it would be endless. Considering my background in the Arts, a bit of dabbling in communication & marketing, I never would’ve thought supply would be for me. And let’s face it: I still don’t think I’m a good fit. But my project has ended. And I’m stunned to realise that I am sad to leave it behind me.

Most likely it’s because of the one thing that always catches my attention and that I can’t ever resist enjoying: people. A brewery is filled with hundreds of different people, all as diverse and unique as the flowers you’ll find in the rain forest. Every person you meet has a different story and I love getting to hear the happy ending. So It’s been an absolute treat being able to work with a bunch of people.

There’ve been hard times too, of course. I’ll never again wish for my alarm to go off at 5am. And definitely not at 3am, like on that particularly abysmal morning! I’ll never miss my work shoes, because they feel like big clumps I’m just carrying around for no good reason other than to kick someone’s teeth in during the occasional outburst that has me raising my feet in a kickboxing-move Jean-Claude Van Damme would raise his eyes at. I don’t get angry often, but I’m sure these shoes would do the trick – at least if I was any good at kickboxing. I won’t miss the lack of daylight, my biggest issue I had while working in the brewery. I just can’t get over those cold winter months, driving to work in the dark and going home in the dark – having never seen any natural light in the span of an entire day. It’s like my metabolism just said “NO”. My whole being wants to scream at the injustice of it. Until I remember that thousands of people probably view it as normal.

But besides the daylight-thing – which, honestly, can be overcome by going out into the world with your friends at lunchtime – there’s a lot I’ll miss. I’ll miss the other trainees, who I’ve spent so much – often hilarious – time with. Through fun times and through challenging moments, it’s been an amazing ride and I’m ridiculously thankful for all of ’em. I’ll also miss wearing my fleece jacket!!! At first I hated wearing a high visibility jacket all the time, but my fleece version is freaking epic! It’s warm, it’s cozy, it’s sturdy, it keeps me safe, it doesn’t even ask for anything in return?! It’s everything a jacket should be and more. I shall miss wearing it. I shall miss walking around with a panda on my head (on my helmet?; guys, I drew it on there, don’t freak out now). I shall miss my daily fruit, given to me by an epic Dutch colleague, who I hope will think of me whenever he sees his socks with palmtrees on ’em. I shall miss going to “De Grote André Show”, where I single-handedly worked the crowd with my very own jingle! Or where I was known to love a good Berliner Bol, one of the most delicious delicacies you will ever taste, and therefore there’d sometimes be one, just one, just for me. And that would be such a small gesture in an otherwise long day, but it always made me so happy. Because happiness is always to be found in small things.

And I will just miss everyone.

The guys, the operators on the shop floor, who’ve been so enthusiastic, so flexible whenever I needed them to switch shifts, so funny at cracking jokes with me… And so very accepting of me in all my quirky glory! Trust me when I tell you that that’s pretty hard to find. I feel confident about the future of the new bottling line, because we’ve got some awesome people running it. And with guys like these, well, I’d sit back and relax, because they’ll have it covered.

But it’ll be weird that I’m not hanging around anymore, that I can’t be a part of it anymore. It’s not my world, it never had been, but I sure can’t stand to admit that I wish I was more cut out for it. It’s hard to let go, to know when you’ve gone to the end of the line and you can’t go back. But I guess that’s life. And as I’ve said earlier today: one ending probably means another beginning. So I’ll have something to look forward to. And that’s… Well, I suppose that’s something, isn’t it? :)

My fleece <3
My fleece <3 I’ll miss you sweetness…