Life changing movements

Hello there!

I… Don’t know where to begin this time, it seems like my head is trapped in between so many places! Thoughts and emotions are a jumble, so… Let’s start off easy?

I’ve got a new job offer! My traineeship is almost finished and the time has come to start a new role – a real role. Not just one where I do a bunch of things that don’t really go together and somehow that’s a project. Not one where no one really knows me and thinks I’m just odd. Not one where I’m travelling to different cities and countries all the time. Not one where I’m living the hotel life, but will have a proper home… I’m going to be a Customer Marketing Manager!

Don’t ask me what it exactly entails, since I’m still in the process of figuring all that jazz out. But basically I’ll be a liaison between customers, our brands teams and our sales teams. Lots of stakeholders, lots of pressure, loads of opportunities to kick some ass! Not sure how it’s all gonna go, but here’s to a new adventure! I’m really excited about it and just can’t wait to start :-) And if it wasn’t clear from the above description: same company people! Just moving into a new role!

Now, to be honest, I don’t know that much yet. But what I do know about this role, is that I’m getting a car. Let me repeat that: I, Lotte, driver extraordinaire, am getting a car! Isn’t that absolutely crazy?!? I’ve never had my own car before! Like, woah! I also didn’t have my drivers’ licence until 2 months ago, but hey, details baby. No clue what kind of car either, but does it matter? As long as it comes in a pretty colour and it’s all mine I’m soooo not going to care! Because it’ll be my car and therefore awesomeness comes naturally. I’m already thinking about a name, but let’s not get ahead of myself… Just the mere idea of a car is blowing my mind already. Can you imagine what’ll happen when I’m actually driving it??? Bliss darling, pure bliss.

Oh! Another mysterious fun fact: I’ll be living somewhere! For real! With a proper address and everything! No clue where yet – hoping for London at the moment, somewhere in the North, but I’ll figure all of that stuff out. Right now the key thing to have imprinted on the back of your retinas is that I’ll be living somewhere. Not just counting down the days until I need to pack my bags again and get going. Not just seemingly living a life of leisure but really being a homeless nomad instead. And all those times I had to litter the hotel with clothes or toiletries, because I’d bought it but couldn’t fit it in my suitcase anymore… Begone dark days!

The only thing is, in order for those days to be over, I need to find a flat! And wow. Like… Wow. I have seen some shady shit. I have walked through the valley of dumps and kinda still wondering when I’ll find the other side of it. After 6 flats in 2 days already, it has become clear to me, clear as day: I am in housing hell. 

It’s a place many people find themselves in at one point or another in their lives. It’s a difficult place to be in, where you never know who’s your friend and who’s trying to trick you. It all seems glitter and gold from the outside, from the pictures. But when you look closer, you see the mold eating away at the ceiling. You see the black grease hidden in the crooks of the sink. You see the faded wallpaper cracking at the edges. And what was once a fabulous apartment has been reduced to “another dump”, another “waste of time”. Like a tragic character death, but really, no one liked him anyway…

But I guess it’s all part of it. Growing up, being an adult, figuring things out. I’m not saying I’m an adult! You. Did not! Hear me say that. But I’m trying. And I’m doing my best to make it work. Somehow I have faith that it will. And otherwise, well hell, I can always sleep in my car. ;-)