What to watch on a Sunday

Hi y’all!

I seem to keep making promises about being better on here and apologising every time I haven’t written in a while and… Ya know what? Enough already. So I’m a writer who only writes on occasion. Better that I have something to say than that you waste 10 precious minutes, no?

So today, let’s talk about this new year and how #PeakTV is absolutely killin’ the TV landscape out there! Holy shizzle there’s some good stuff out there! So let me tell you what’s on my watch list. I wanted to do it all in one go, but I got to Tuesday and realised… Well, I watch a shit ton of shows? So to make this a bit more bearable, I’ll cut it into a few days at a time.

Let’s start with the beautiful day of rest – and coincidentally amazing TV day – my beloved Sunday:

The Good Wife: a show that’s on its seventh season now – and presumably its last – and one I have followed since its inception in 2009. Man, that’s so long ago? That’s when I started college y’all! It feels like a freakin’ lifetime ago, to be honest. And the show has had its ups and downs throughout the years. Season 1 will always be a bit of a procedural that doesn’t seem to have a lasting effect on people. At that point, its only advantage compared to Suits is that you actually learn something about the American legal system. But holy mother of evolution: by the time we got to season 5, I couldn’t believe how amazing it was! People, this is a show that isn’t afraid to re-evaluate and shake things up in a big way. More importantly, it also “knows” what kind of show it is, so expect some more meta-episodes towards the latter seasons.

Best episode to date: season 5, “Hitting the Fan” – Note: I miss Will!
Best line to date: “We’re coming after you — all your clients — every single one we worked to make happy while you swept in at the last minute to take credit. We’re taking them. And then you know what you’ll have? A very nice suite of offices.”

Madam Secretary: in its second year since the fall, this is something I’ve been watching because of its feel-good vibes. The stakes are (supposedly) high, but I’m never worried, as the happy ending is always present. Can’t think what my favourite episode would be here, but I did quite like the latter episodes of the first season. Just those Henry-storylines always bug me: he’s not that interesting, show!!! Please don’t try to make him so, because it ain’t gonna work. Such a different role from his past in Private Practice. I’m just not very impressed with him here. But I like Leoni’s glasses and how they’re constantly used as this prop for when she’s “serious” and in business-mode. Like, I do that too! However, does it feel like they’re slightly too low on her nose? She cannot be getting great sight through those, am I right?
Anyways, this is not a must-watch, but feel free if you’ve got the time.

Billions: I’ve only watched two episodes so far, as this baby is brand new! It’s therefore not withstood the famed 4-episode test yet, so I will not tell you to watch this for now. But I’d be keen to hear what you think of it. It seems our ex-Homeland, ex-Wolf Hall Damian Lewis seems to be the perfect anti-hero: he’s clearly going to be the one getting chased for his greed in the hedgefund business, but let’s face it, we’ll still be rooting for him anyways. He’s a stand-up guy who worked his way up from nothing – who now owns balls the size of Texas with all the money he’s earned over the years. That speech where he makes this down-on-its-luck family take $9 million instead of the promised $25 because he once got fired from his caddy-gig at a golf club by the grandfather?! Priceless, I tell ya. Also, I don’t trust men who like to be peed on. Chuck Rhodes, that’s disgusting man! I will never root for you or your beard!

Best line to date: “You need this 9 million dollars, because none of you, not one, has done a single day of work from the moment your miserable prick of a grandfather fell face down in the sand in Palm Beach. And after reviewing your holdings, your business interests, your debts, I know that this cheque is the only thing standing between your family and bankruptcy. So pick it up, put it in your pocket and walk out of here. Or I will.”

Mercy Street: Another new show, started just last week, so only 2 episodes to date. However what I’ve seen so far seems very promising. Set in the US of A during one of its darkest periods, the Civil War, this show is about a war hospital where soldiers from both sides get treated.
We’re in occupied Alexandria – a state that it’s in the South, so it’s the Yankees who are occupying the place – where a hotel has been converted into a hospital. There’s two nurses from either side present: a can-do widow from the North and a luscious Southern belle who makes you think of Scarlett O’Hare when she was still all innocent and naive. Surprisingly, I found AnnaSophia Robb here – most known for The Carrie Diaries, may it rest in peace – with a pretty darn good Southern accent! So far the show hasn’t broken any dishes yet, but it’s good entertainment and I like many a good period piece!
And honestly, it’s refreshing to watch one that’s, for once, not set in England. I’m all for Downton Abbey, Outlander, Wolf Hall, The Tudors, The White Queen… See what I mean? None of them go beyond those island borders. And I, for one, like to see something else. And considering all the racial issues prevalent in the USA right now, I’m eager to see more of a show that centers on a war, which – let’s be honest – had a lot to do with abolishing slavery. I’ll keep you posted!

Best line to date: “It is a hospital! For sick people! Blood is not grey or blue, madam. It’s all one colour.”
A bit strange coming from the man who’s not all for freeing slaves, but at least the doc is clear on helping everyone who comes through those doors, may it be Union or Confederacy.

In the flesh: our Southern Belle

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