Hangover Day vs. Lotte: 0 – 1

Last night we had the grand Vlerick ball and it was soooo epic! My goodness, the anticipation, the getting ready, the crack house, the walk over, the ball itself… Haha, the fun was non-stop for sure. And the best part: besides being dead tired, I didn’t really get much of a hangover. Of course, it’s physically impossible for me to actually get a headache – nice bonus of being born in my family – except for when I donate blood – which I’ve never done again since that one time… But still, I wasn’t feeling sick at all and I could eat whatever and enjoy a sunny day out with my friends to boot!

So, short recap of last night! It all started with my bestie and how she had fun with my hair. Seriously, I didn’t know it could get…. That big! :’) I have no clue how much hairspray has gone into it, but we’re 24 hours later and it’s still kind of weird to the touch. But it was cool though. And the messy part about it made it possible for me never to have to comb it once all night: it was a messy hairdo anyways. Ha! It’s a little hilarious that I’d be so into “getting ready”, since I usually just go for jeans and a t-shirt. But for one night I got to be a real “girl” ;-).

Next we arrived at the crack house with panda in tow! Okay, confession: it’s not REALLY a crack house. But dude, if there ever was a house I visited that really looked like one… Dayum :’) I believe the kitchen was absolutely the worst. That’s what happens when 5 pigs – oh I’m sorry, “5 guys” – live together. Sheer and utter disaster ensues. But we played some drinking games, had a good couple of laughs and got ready to – finally – go to the ball.

The ball itself was pretty awesome. Okay, it wasn’t so much a fancy room as it was just a room with lots of fancy-dressed people in it, but still… People looked GOOD. And it was cool. And so many wasted people, which always makes me giggle in my head.
Tihihihi. Did that guy just kiss some total strange girl’s head when passing her? And is she looking as surprised as I think she is? Haha! Yup.
Like I said: so many giggles in my head.

However, all good things must come to an end eventually – how to know something is “good” if you don’t experience the alternative sometimes? – and it was bed time. Which was kinda awful, because I don’t know why, but… I woke up after only 5 hours of sleep. WHY? WHY silly brain WHYYYY? Do you NOT see those circles underneath my eyes? Think it’s clear to me… Oh well. That’s when the hangover day – but not really for me, because I actually felt kinda fine – began!

So what did that mean? It basically just started out with my bestie comin’ by, completely dead, going over last night’s events. Though soon we were finding ourselves at the Graslei here in Ghent, with a couple of friends. And it was sunny. Like… really sunny! And that made it the perfect chill day after a long night like that. We just hung out, recapped the previous evening, had some froyo (or McFlurry, but froyo’s so much better, yes!) and took lots of selfies. By the way, for those people who do not know the exact process of taking a selfie: always take 3 pictures. Don’t ask me why. Don’t ask me anything basically – so annoying when people do that, tsk, the nerve! – but just take 3 pictures whenever you take a selfie. These are the rules. I didn’t make them. I just adhere to them. And you should too if you want to maintain your friendships! Just a friendly warning basically ;-).

Anyways, the victor of today’s super sunny hangover day:



Friday baby!

It’s Friiiidaaaaay!

Finally, hurray! Though, actually, to be completely honest, this week must have been one of the most chill weeks since I started my year at Vlerick way back in September. Seriously, half days, a group project meeting of an hour and a half?! So many free drinks by Coca-Cola for working on their case? Talk about “awesome”!

But still, it’s nice to know it’s Friday. It could have been sunnier – the few hours that the sun really shone, we were indoors, listening to presentations with the blinds completely shut; talk about irony – but it was still a great day. I got a lot done: applied for a job at Henkel, I cleaned my place, I showered… I even went for a run! The second time this week already! Ha! Now, I didn’t take a picture in my running outfit – it’s a sight people shouldn’t be exposed to, let’s put it that way – but I did want to show off my shoes. Because… They’re “showy”. I bought them a little over a year ago, because I simply love Nike running shoes and these had that “spring” in them, you know what I mean? You jump up and it seems to go ever so smoothly because of the awesomeness of the shoe. That’s Nike for ya baby. And my shoes also help me be visible when it’s dark out. See for yourself:

Running - copy


Like I said: “showy”. Well, mostly “flashy”. But most importantly: I’m ridiculously proud of myself for going for a run again this week. For all the amazing classes I’ve been able to attend these past few months, and all the cool people that I’m lucky enough to meet… I sure have been sitting on my ass a lot. And sitting. And sitting some more… (harr-harr)

Did you know that my nickname is panda at school? It’s got nothing to do with me being Asian or anything, or fat – thank God :’) I just love pandas – I’ll introduce Paco, my panda bear, soon enough – but if I’m not careful, I could be turning into one actually. Because what do pandas actually DO? Besides not copulating – and therefore being almost extinct – and eating shitloads of bamboo? Right you are sir, they sit on their ass. A LOT. And that might have something to do with their… How shall I put this nicely… Circumference. Yes, that’s the right word. So since I started Vlerick, it’s been very hard to find time to go get some exercise. And yeah, it does have some consequences.

But thankfully, the sun has been coming out this week and what with these half days I’ve been having: renewed motivation has shown its friendly face! Talking about friendly faces, this next picture is mine, all ready to go out for some drinks with some of my M3 buddies tonight.
Weekend darling, weekend is that time when everything becomes possible and friends are nothing short of priceless.

Ready for tonight - copy

Busy busy busy little bee

Do you ever get so busy that at a certain point your eyes start to sting a little bit, because you’re thàt exhausted? If you haven’t experienced that wonderful aspect of life yet, I praise you and your obviously wonderful lifestyle. However, there is something to be said about living life to the fullest.

For a couple of months now, I have been learning how not to sleep. Or better yet: how to seem like I’m still an actual person after having had very little sleep. And guess what? I am very good at it. Granted, there can be moments where my eyelids take over my eyes and there’s simply no escape from looking like a sleeping person – though I will probably not be sleeping, because I can only do that while lying down in a bed with the sheets tucked in underneath me (like a cocoon!) and wearing earplugs – but usually I’m pretty good at remaining active and conscious about the world around me. And that’s cool. The fact that I can do that. I thought I’d lost that ability in my early college years.

You see, once upon a time I’d go out until 5 am and still make it to class at 11 am completely alright. Those days are over. I’m no longer 19 – turned 23 in January! – and my classes now start at 9 am. Yet somehow, in some kind of lost corner of my mind, I can often still maintain a proper persona even when dead tired. And the best part about it: the reason why I often don’t sleep the mandatory 8 hours, is because I am enjoying my life to the fullest.

No sleep for me, I’m meeting up with friends. The bed can wait, I’m enjoying a crazy good book or television show. No shut-eye just yet, because I still want some time to let my mind play out all its quirky imaginings. And that’s fun, you know? I’m not sleeping enough, I know that. But it’s not because I have too much stress. There’s stress, yes, but I can handle it and it’s not really a problem. And I’m also not getting enough sleep, because I’m worried about things or whatever. I’m just enjoying life too much. There’s just so many fun things to do – sleep also being one of them, mind you! – and not enough hours in the day to do ’em. So… Sleep can wait. I can sleep when I’m dead. Though I should consider the possibility of death by insanity thanks to sleep deprivation… Hmmmz… Worries for another time, my dear!

To conclude: this is what I look like when the eyelids do have their victory ;-)

I don't always win...