Who’s Lotte?

I’m Lotte.

I’m from a small town back in Belgium – you’ll probably never heard of it. It’s so dang small, it ain’t even got its own zipcode. But it sure was lovely to grow up in though, with fields to play in and friends around every corner. Nothing short of idyllic, to tell you the truth. However we all grow up sometime. And when I did, I decided to move to London about 2 years ago, because… Well, why not? Experiencing a different life, a different culture, a different set of everything – that’s what I was after. And I sure got it.

So far there’s been lots of good mixed with lots of bad – as per usual when you’re doing it right. Life isn’t just a box of jokes, it’s real and it’s glorious even when it’s heartbreaking. But you knew that. Or at least I hope you do.

Anyways, this blog…? It’s nothing but the mad ramblings of a clear mind, or not so clear – I haven’t decided yet. But they say sharing is caring. Or something or other that sounds like a decent enough reason why I let strangers from all over the world into the inner workings of my mind. In the end, it doesn’t matter much. As long as you enjoy the read. Or not. Let me know either way.

Hope you can smile today. Genuinely. Because laughing is important.

With love,


Shout at will!

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